Get by With a Little Help from Your Friend

Since this post seems to be a part of a series of recent posts geared toward New Year’s goals, plans, and resolutions, let’s add one piece to the puzzle that could solidify the habits you want to build into this upcoming year.

Obviously, these principles work as well on March 17th as they do on June 22th as they do on January 1, so if you’re finding this little piece of the internet any time during the year, don’t hesitate to read on….

One of Your Keys to Accomplishing Your Top Goals?


Or if you hate that word: finding a buddy who is trying to get the same thing done as you are or finding a buddy who already is awesome at the thing you want to be good at.

Accountability can come in a zillion shapes and sizes. And what works for you might not work for me and vice-versa.

Some individuals (my wife, for example) prefers the fellow traveler version of accountability. She and her workout friend encourage each other. Sometimes one is more motivated and can bring the other along. Sometimes the other is more motivated.  Together, they get their strength training in, their walks in, and not-so-kindly compete on their Fitbit steps.

Some individuals need the ‘been there, done that’ version of accountability. This type of accountability is often helpful for finances. Find a trusted person who has licked debt or has set his family up well and learn. Be willing to be open and develop a plan together.

Find a local running club, reading club, writing club, Bible Study, etc. Get together with a bunch of other folks on a regular basis. The added benefit here is that you might find a fellow traveler you click with or enjoy a more varied perspective to help you gain more insight on what might work for you.

Of course, there’s also the Instagram accountability. You post every day with the same hashtag – #couch25k – for example. You become part of an online community and want to log your progress along with a bunch of other taters who are trying to get out and run a 5k.  Check out my Instagram feed for my current #Whole30 efforts (at the time I’m writing this in the chilly early days of 2016).

Join a Facebook group that is dedicated to the change you are working on. There are groups on journaling, weight loss, exercise, relationships, decluttering, and so on. These can provide just the right amount of push to help you along.

What Works for You?

Most of us have had some sort of accountability relationship in the past. Some worked. Some didn’t.

Find the thing that will help you. Most good habits and goals aren’t accomplished in a vacuum. Get out there and find someone to push and who will push you.


You can click here to read the post on accountability from my Starting Well Challenge.

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