My One Word is Generosity

I’ve been following the One Word 365 practice (which now appears to be a movement) for the last two years.

In 2011, my one word was Simplicity.

In 2012, my one word was Energy.

If my personal blog was still up and running (more than just the home page, I’d link to the posts about why I chose those words.

In 2013, I select Generosity.

Simplicity and Energy were great words, but my struggle with them (regardless of the fact that this is a simplicity blog) is that they focus on improvement by removal.

Simplicity: Removing distractions. Removing ‘things’. Trimming and hacking unnecessities.

Energy: Being careful about what I eat. Removing (again) energy drainers. Focusing on myself and my habits around food, exercise, spiritual practices.

Generosity is not about improvement. It’s about forgetting about myself for a bit and noticing others needs. I pray it leads to a more simple and focused life. I pray it leads to more energy.

But it’s not about that for me. I’m not a generous person. I use the word ‘I’ way too often.

To Start a Legacy of Generosity

I want my children to be generous. I want my family to be generous. Wouldn’t it be fun to notice naturally how someone else can be encouraged or helped along? The idea feels freeing. And nothing would please me more to continue the practice of generosity that my parents started before me

So… Generosity it is. I have very little right now (financially) with which to be generous. But what I do have is on the table.

Money, time, words, prayers.

May God give me eyes to see who needs what He’s given me.

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