Driven to Prayer

I’ve been a Christian my whole life. Technically, I’ve been a part of a Christian family my whole life, attending church every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.

I made a commitment to Jesus in the 3rd grade – as best as a third grader can do so. I think it was the third grade. I’m 48. Some memories are vague. It was definitely right around my 3rd grade year.

Since then, I’ve gone through ups and downs, commitments and recommitments, promises to God, submitting to God’s promises, trying as hard as I can or just letting Him do the work that only He can do.

It’s been an adventure and a roller coaster. And I would assume not completely far off from what a lot of others have experienced. Religion and faith – they aren’t easy. Sometimes they’re simple, but very seldom easy.

The most difficult for any of us to do is to surrender. And that’s what faith requires. Faith requires that we do not attempt to exert control over every facet of our life because normally that means we’d have to control every human and circumstance over which we have no direct ability to manage.

Lately, there have been more and more of those situations. Situations where I cannot directly control the outcome of my efforts.

In those situations, I’ve seen that I have two duties:

  1. If a decision is to be made, make the best one I can and take action.
  2. Pray.

If there’s something for me to do, I have to do it and do it as quickly as possible and as well as possible.

Beyond that, I am driven to prayer.

And it’s been wonderful. Frankly, I’ve been less than engaged in my prayer life over the last couple years, but lately I’ve regained a bit of the habit of morning prayer. Offering up my family. Praying for my parents and my in-laws and my brother and his family and folks I work with and my clients.

I’m praying for my community and my country and for how I should respond to all the things that are going on right now.

I’m praying to discern God’s heart for me and for those around me. I’m praying for vision and mission and purpose and discipline.

Mainly, I’m reminding myself that I’m not in control. I best steward the things that are in my care and where my decisions matter. But generally, I’m making every effort to not make every effort to be in control where I have no right to be.

Just wanted to share. I’ll pray now for whoever reads this. May God speak to you today. May God bless you. May you experience the love of Jesus and the compassion of His forgiveness. Amen.

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