Do You Need Anchors… or Propellers?

Illustration – Grey Daar

Have you ever heard someone say that a certain practice or a certain person is an ‘anchor’ in his or her life? Usually it’s a good thing.

I’ve used that phrase before to refer to my Friday morning Bible Study. I’ve met with a group of guys for the past nearly 15 years every Friday morning (the last year or so via Zoom). I’ve considered that group an anchor in my life.

It makes sense. An anchor keeps us grounded. An anchor keeps us from floating about with no direction.

But an anchor also keeps us in one spot. If you’re in a boat that has been anchored, it means you’re not drifting.

That’s good. Drifting isn’t what you want to do.

But you also might not want to be stuck in one spot.

How about if you thought in terms of propellers?

Who in your life is a propeller? Who sends you off into the right direction?

Who energizes you? Who pushes you?

What practices or daily habits cause you to move forward and grow and propel you toward your goals?

Find some propellers – not just anchors.

Find the people and the practices that will generate movement and help you get to the the right destination.

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