Do You Have a Decision-Making Filter?

I’ve written about my decision-making filter before. More than once.

For some reason, it feels important enough to revisit every so often because making decisions is actually a skill. It’s not just a thing we happen to do.

Illustration by Grey Daar

Making decisions builds a life over time.

Everything we decide to do, and then do, becomes a part of our story, so it’s helpful to have guides and filters and codes of ethics.

Here are a few questions I try to remember when I’m consciously making a decision. I’ve added one or two since last I wrote about this topic:

  • What does love require of me?
  • What is the wise thing to do?
  • What is the disciplined thing to do?
  • What does being present look like in this situation?
  • What is the courageous thing to do?
  • What will tell the best story?

That last one – tell the best story – could go in a couple different directions. What might tell the funniest, most interesting story to share at the bar is one thing. What will tell a story that those most important to me would be proud of is another thing altogether.

Do you have any questions you might substitute or add to that list?

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