Do It Scared

We normally don’t regret doing something that frightened us (even if we were scared to death the whole time).

A perfect example is a 8 year old on a roller coaster. The idea is exciting. The reality becomes frightening as the line becomes shorter, and he boards the coaster. He struggles to catch his breath the whole time. He might get a scream out here or there, but generally, the speed and the altitude take his breath away.

He was scared the whole time but he brags about his conquest of the great mighty metal serpent to all of his friends.

Contrast that with the child who decides to stay away from the coaster. He avoids the fear and the intensity. He saves himself some stress. But when the kid who actually rode the thing shares his story with his buddies, the one who decided to avoid the experience shrinks back and feels a pang of regret.

We don’t regret the things we don’t do. We often regret the chances we fail to take.

I know one of my big regrets for 2015 is that I’ve been so spotty at writing in this blog. I fear I don’t have the right or the authority to write on simplicity, intentional living, or spiritual or personal growth because I don’t see myself make the strides I’d love to make.

I fear no one reads or cares or worse, mocks my efforts.

But in the end, I regret not putting fingers to keyboard much more. And the fear involved isn’t all that painful.

So… the lesson: DO IT SCARED.

If you fear taking a leap, that might be an indication it’s a leap that needs to be taken.

If you fear your own lack of past success, do it scared.

If you fear others are judging you, do it scared.

If you fear the initial pain that might lean to future freedom, health, personal satisfaction, do it scared.

Do it scared. I’ll join you and do my stuff scared too.

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