Dear Santa – On Behalf of Our Kids

Dear Santa,

Enclosed you’ll find Christmas lists from our three children – Jake, Sam, and Maggie.

We are so proud of all three of them this year.

Sure, they do the same kind of stuff that all 7 and 6 year olds do – it’s tough handling your feelings when you’re a kid. Every once in a while someone’s gonna get mad at a brother or sister or pout or be way too upset because of not getting something they want.

Heck, we adults don’t handle our frustrations so well either. And we can’t use ‘being 6’ as an excuse.

But back to the good stuff…

They are so much fun. They are so beautifully unique.

They all three have sweet and kind hearts.

They are gifted in their own special ways.

Jake is a wonderfully creative little boy who loves to do puzzles and build with Legos – he’s so good at focusing until the job is done. That’s a great skill! He also is quick to share his candy and and give a hug or nice word to me, his mom, and brother and sister if he knows we’re upset or sad. He seems to really notice when someone needs a friend.

Sam has become a beautiful writer. He has learned to express himself in notes and stories. He loves reading and always is ready for a sweet cuddle with his Mommy. He keeps his sister and brother laughing with his wonderful sense of humor and fun smile. He is quick to pray and show how thankful he is for the people and good things in his life.

Maggie loves life so much. She’s always ready for a party and always encouraging us to do fun things. She’s great at crafts (her rainbow loom creations are gorgeous). Her singing is beautiful, and we love that she sings fun songs and songs that glorify Jesus. Her heart for her friends and family is so sweet. She is loyal and full of imagination.

Our hope this year, Santa, is that you will be kind enough to grant a present or two to our children. We also pray that you share some of the goodness with other kids who might need something fun and joyful this Christmas season.  We’re happy to help you with that over this next week.

We know that the best things in life aren’t presents and toys and candy and treats. The best things are learning to be kind, learning to be patient, learning to help people who need help, and being joyful even if we can’t have everything we want. We’re so blessed and want to be better as a family finding ways throughout the year to bless other people – with our words, our time, and our resources… even if it’s a sacrifice.

Thank you again for the joy and wonder you represent!

Brett and Tina (Sam, Jake, and Maggie’s parents)

P.S. Thanks for letting us adopt Jingles the Elf. He’s a mess, but he’s fun.

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  1. Just read this. Somehow it got into my spam. I agree with Tina. It’s the best post yet, and you know your children so well! What a good daddy!

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