Consistency Killer #1 – the Fallacy of One

Yesterday I wrote about how to make the most of showing up everyday and being consistent.

Today, let’s talk a little about one of the things that can cause consistency to be derailed.

This first consistency killer is the Fallacy of One (I made that up. We’ll see if it sticks.)

The Fallacy of One is this: You take one bite of that food that does NOT fit your diet plan. You miss one workout.  You miss one deadline.  You say you will, but you don’t for the first time.

As a result of the one misstep?  You throw away weeks, months, or even years of showing up regularly and strengthened self-discipline.

Or, if you’re just getting started, you throw away the idea of making the change you decided you needed to make. After all, perhaps you just don’t have what it takes. Some folks are born with it. Some aren’t.

The Fallacy of One gives faulty permission to one hiccup or one lapse of discipline to be the thing that defines your efforts.

This will kill your consistency if you allow it to. Quickly.

You have to catch yourself in the fallacy, though, to do anything about it.  You have to realize that the one missed workout doesn’t define you.  The other workouts that you had built up – or the workouts that you are going to start nailing – are what define your efforts for better health.

Do not let the Fallacy of One make you quit or give up or call yourself names.  It’s giving one little thing a lot more power than it deserves.

Keep building.  Keep showing up.

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