Consistency is King

Over the past year and a half, I’ve been in the 1st Phorm Challenge community via the 1st Phorm app.

The app is kind of a bargain, although any app that costs any sort of money is sometimes seen as a ripoff. My philosophy is that if I’m not paying, I won’t use it. Free stuff becomes accumulated junk. That costs bandwidth and time and stress.

Things that you pay for – or invest in – are often more cost-effective, because you feel more obligated to use it.

Returning from my sidetrack….

Through the app, you get a ton of resources, but the best one has been my coach, Jeremy Mullins.

He has been a resource continually. I’ve been able to ask him questions, get encouragement, get workout plans, get nutrition assistance – for me and for my family at times, and so forth.

One of his mantras – not unique to him, but definitely something I hear from him often is this: Consistency is King.

Nothing is truer.

Stringing together days is the surest way to see change in an area that you’re working toward making change.

No days off – or only a very slight day off.

For example, if you’re attempting to lose weight, you can’t be on plan Monday through half of a Friday, go off the rails all weekend, and expect to see any change. Two and a half days of weekend eating will undo four and a half days of healthy weekday eating very quickly.

If you’re trying to maintain, you might do okay. But even then, I believe you’ll find incremental backsliding.

Stringing together day after day of doing the thing that you know you need to do to hit your goals or to accomplish your mission or to change your life…. That is the only way.

75Hard taught me that fact. 75 days of daily workouts, eating on plan without cheats, reading 10 pages a day, etc. showed me that stringing consistent days together is how it is done.

And it will actually get done. If you stick to a plan for 75 days, you’ll either discover the plan doesn’t work, realize that you’ve never given a plan long enough to work, or you’ve been cheating on a plan if you’re honest with yourself.

Even me with this blog…. I wrote 30 days in a row recently and saw my viewership jump by 25% that month. When I stopped again, my readership actually receded to pre-30 day effort levels.

So, consistency is king.

And to further challenge yourself, check out the Rich Roll podcast with Gordo Byrn. If you have to, go to the last 45 minutes or so and listen for the discussion about the 1,000 day plan.

I’m not going to commit on paper until I commit in my heart. I’m on the ‘if you tell people you’ll do something, your dopamine already gets squeezed and you’ll not be as disciplined to do it.’ We’ll revisit as I go along.

Be consistent. If nothing else, pick one thing that is important enough for you to do daily for 75 days.

A walk.

Calling a friend (different friends each day probably).

Praying with your spouse.

Praying by yourself.


Calling a sales prospect.

Eating on plan.

Do it every day for 75 days. See what happens.

Then think about something major in your life that you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

Can you do something that works toward that goal for 1,000 days?

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