Celebrating Birthdays

Today is my wife’s birthday. (Happy birthday, sweetie!)

In the past, I’ve written blog posts and Facebook posts and whatever for my wife’s, my dad’s, my mom’s, and other birthdays.

Today, I’ll keep my personal birthday wishes in house.

But I do want to talk about birthdays.

Birthdays are super weird the older you get. You dread them, yet you want to celebrate them. At least, you want to know that you hold a place in others’ hearts where your birth is truly celebrated.

I, for one, when September 24th rolls around, feel that way. This past year I almost forgot my own birthday, but normally, it’s almost like a New Year’s resolution day.

In the end, though, whether you get celebrated the way you’d like or not, let me encourage you: You were born with a purpose. Period.

Your birth was monumental.

You are the only one like you. You have a unique mixture of gifts, talents, stupid mistakes, and aspirations that qualify you for only things that you are qualified for, to reach people in ways that only you can reach them.

Your life (and my life) is a stewardship.

Most of us will struggle, from time to time, wondering if we’ve squandered some opportunities. Let me take the mystery out: Yes, you have. We all have.

But that’s the beauty… there are plenty more opportunities where those others came from.

So when your birthday rolls around?

Be thankful for yourself. Focus on the fact that you have some major purpose – starting with loving those in closest proximity to you.

Just keep it simple. Happy Birthday.

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