A Week of Grace

This week is about grace. I am still working on my most recent commitments: Eating frogs Getting to bed by 10:00 (although my wife would say that my current Netflix addiction isn’t very conducive to that) Keeping my budget daily. Decluttering I’m not adding any more specific to-do type commitments. Instead, I’m going to focus… Continue reading A Week of Grace

Weekly Commitment: Eat the Frog

This phrase was made popular by the sales trainer and motivational speaker Brian Tracy. It means to stare down the most important task of the day and just do it. My commitment this week is to avoid the (occasional) procrastination that I battle and eat the frog. What frogs do you need to eat every… Continue reading Weekly Commitment: Eat the Frog

Weekly Challenge: Declutter Daily

If you’ve read the ‘About’ page for this blog, you’d know that I’m obsessed with decluttering. It’s debatable whether my obsession is positive or negative, but for now, I’ve decided that February is Simply in the Suburbs Decluttering Month. In honor of the month’s theme, I’m committing, this week, to decluttering 15 minutes twice a… Continue reading Weekly Challenge: Declutter Daily

Weekly Commitment: Tracking My Spending

Have you ever chosen to remain ignorant?  We all know that what we don’t know won’t hurt us, correct? There have been times when I haven’t tracked my spending daily because, frankly, I preferred ignorance. Although I know that one of the best ways encourage good financial decisions is to watch the money go where… Continue reading Weekly Commitment: Tracking My Spending