Starting Well – An Invitation and a Challenge

We all know that making change is much easier in community. Anonymous groups are built on the idea that it takes a community surrounding each individual for consistent change to take hold. One man vs. a bottle results in frustration or worse. One man + a group of fellow strugglers clawing after the same goal… Continue reading Starting Well – An Invitation and a Challenge

My One Word for 2014

Photo Credit: Kean Kelly via Compfight cc

This is the fourth December in a row that I’m participating in the #OneWord365 ritual started by Ms. Alece Ronzino from Grit and Glory. I suppose it’s one of my yearly traditions now since I didn’t have to be reminded to do it. The premise is simple: Choose one word as your main guiding principle, theme,… Continue reading My One Word for 2014

To Simplify: a Definition

Simplify: to say no to as much as necessary so you can say yes to the truly important. What gets in the way of saying “No”? Have you defined what is truly important?

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