One key mindset we must build into our children (and ourselves)

Our sons were told last year that they would be going into a slightly more advanced version of math this year. They get their brilliance from me. Now that I’ve gotten the braggy part of this post out of the way, let me move on to the important part. The other day, one of our… Continue reading One key mindset we must build into our children (and ourselves)

How Gratitude Keeps You Alert

“Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving.”  – Colossians 4:2 I am not sure why this verse struck me this morning. Often when I’m in the homestretch of one of Paul’s epistles in the Bible, I’ll start glossing over the last few encouragements. But something about how Paul connects… Continue reading How Gratitude Keeps You Alert

Taking my own medicine

Sometimes, we’re the last to take our own medicine. I remember when I was a seminary student in Cleveland, TN, working at the Cracker Barrel. I’d get relationship advice from folks who’d torched multiple marriages (women and men). The advice was actually really good and insightful. I was in seminary, so I could recognize good… Continue reading Taking my own medicine

You have more than you think you do

I’d like to follow up on my post from yesterday… that more isn’t always better. My follow up is simple.  The reason we often think more is better is because we don’t think we have enough of something. Something’s missing. Something feels off. We have this sense that we’re either missing out or we don’t have… Continue reading You have more than you think you do

More Isn’t Always Better

Our family celebrated one of the cousin’s birthdays recently 11with a pool party at my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s neighborhood pool. When we got back to the house after all of the splishing, splashing, and Marco-Poloing, my in-laws offered all of the kids something out of their garage fridge. The garage fridge: where suburbanites keep all… Continue reading More Isn’t Always Better

Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

Are you taking care of yourself? Last night, I stood in front of the iPhone cases at Target for over an hour.  We’re upgrading our phones at a buy-one-get-one price through AT&T. It’s been 30 months.  I’ve cracked screens before and I’ve vowed never to let it happen again. So… I spent an hour in… Continue reading Are You Taking Care of Yourself?