Consistency is King

Over the past year and a half, I’ve been in the 1st Phorm Challenge community via the 1st Phorm app. The app is kind of a bargain, although any app that costs any sort of money is sometimes seen as a ripoff. My philosophy is that if I’m not paying, I won’t use it. Free… Continue reading Consistency is King


“Every day, in everything you do, your wins are waiting for you. They’re everywhere.” – Tim Grover from “Winning” I never used to think this way. I’m now only learning to realize this fact: each decision I make is an opportunity to win or lose. The win is usually internal. It’s a decision that requires… Continue reading Winning

A Good Decision-Clarifying Question

I’ve written before about having a decision-making filter. Decisions are often made in the heat of the moment or avoided and put off down the line because we get overwhelmed or are afraid of the consequences of what we decide. Having a filter for decisions – a decision making ethic, if you will – helps… Continue reading A Good Decision-Clarifying Question

Letting the Good In and the Bad Out

Photo by Sam Rupsa on Unsplash I’m in the middle of a short reading plan in YouVersion.  The plan is based on the classic Christian living book Boundaries. The big idea: We all have a particular plot of emotional, mental, physical land that we have been given control of. From there, we create boundaries that… Continue reading Letting the Good In and the Bad Out

7 more habits to transform the school year

I’ve taken off work for the last two days of our kids’ summer vacation. Yesterday, after orientation for the new school year, the five of us grabbed sandwiches and talked about the upcoming school year. In talking about how to tackle this new year, my wife and I encouraged them to ask questions. She even went… Continue reading 7 more habits to transform the school year