What I Mean by ‘Simple Health’

I’ll tread lightly on this topic. I am not a nutritionist or a personal trainer. But it doesn’t take a nutritionist or personal trainer to understand that eating well and exercise are important. As with other areas of our lives, we over-complicate our approach to basic health. Complexity Breeds Frustration Weight Watchers works for a lot… Continue reading What I Mean by ‘Simple Health’

Make It Easy on Yourself

Today, before you go to bed, lay out your exercise clothes for the morning. Or plan exactly what you will do on your diet. Or lay out your journal and a pen and your Bible or the book you’re currently making your way through. Or plan to take a simple 10 minute walk. Or do… Continue reading Make It Easy on Yourself

How to Become an Effective Person

First off, I don’t claim to have the secret to accomplishing this feat of “becoming effective.” I’m just trying to figure it out myself. Effectiveness isn’t a common goal. We want to be successful, happy, purposeful.  Effective sounds a little harsh. It sounds too utilitarian. But to me, it’s not about being an uber-disciplined hard body… Continue reading How to Become an Effective Person

Commitment for the Week: Saying “No”

This week my focus is on learning to say ‘no’ to the things that don’t fit it my values and priorities. That sounds selfish and self-serving. I hope it’s not! My goal is to better serve the most important people and priorities in my life. It seems that if I do this, then I’ll be… Continue reading Commitment for the Week: Saying “No”

How Do You Make Decisions?

It seems that choices fall into three categories: Choices that are healthy and helpful Choices that are harmful Choices that appear perfectly neutral How many times have you said, “I’ll just do this–won’t hurt”? Lent is approaching. And Lent always faces me with a question to fast or not. And if I fast, what will… Continue reading How Do You Make Decisions?