Commitment for the Week: Saying “No”

This week my focus is on learning to say ‘no’ to the things that don’t fit it my values and priorities. That sounds selfish and self-serving. I hope it’s not! My goal is to better serve the most important people and priorities in my life. It seems that if I do this, then I’ll be… Continue reading Commitment for the Week: Saying “No”

The Crux

“CRUX” is a funny word. We normally only use it in the phrase “crux of the problem.” Typically not by itself. This Easter morning I used the word in my journal after reading all four Gospels’ accounts of the crucifixion. I looked it up: crux [krʌks]n pl cruxes, cruces [ˈkruːsiːz] 1. a vital or decisive stage, point, etc. (often in the… Continue reading The Crux


Starve the thing you want to die. Feed the thing you want to flourish. Quit sneaking snacks through the jailhouse doors.