What it means to exasperate our kids

She bounced into the dining room looking up at me while I was finishing dishes and prepping for my morning routine the next day and maybe playing Words with Friends on my phone. I glanced up, didn’t say anything, and went about my business, walking back into the kitchen to grab something. When I came back into the… Continue reading What it means to exasperate our kids

More Isn’t Always Better

Our family celebrated one of the cousin’s birthdays recently 11with a pool party at my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s neighborhood pool. When we got back to the house after all of the splishing, splashing, and Marco-Poloing, my in-laws offered all of the kids something out of their garage fridge. The garage fridge: where suburbanites keep all… Continue reading More Isn’t Always Better

Gratitude and Living the Prioritized Life

Happy Thanksgiving! Have you ever been jealous of something someone else has only to later wonder why you cared at all in the first place? When mansions wrenched my psyche out of alignment… For lunch recently, I rode with two of my colleagues from our office in the Cumberland area of Atlanta to Buckhead (not… Continue reading Gratitude and Living the Prioritized Life