Can one simple mealtime ‘rule’ transform your family?

I have a confession.

We don’t have family dinners nearly as much as we’d like, although we’ve greatly increased their frequency over the past few months. And when we do? It’s sometimes chaotic, sometimes sweet, but it’s always good.

One of the modern-day temptations of parents is to batch process the evening routine:

  • Feed all kids
  • Get all kids ready for bed
  • Tuck all the kids into the beds
  • Feed Mom and Dad in relative peace and quiet

Or… feed everyone at once with 2-5 screens happening at the same time.

All I know is this: Our children love family meals. That, in and of itself, is a clue to how instrumental mealtime is for building connection and learning how to have an actual conversation.

Face to face conversation is becoming a lost art.

Look around the restaurant next time you’re out to eat, and see how many people actually have their smartphones either in their hand or on the table – face up.

Or how many teens are at dinner with their family but are nose-down into their social media accounts. It’s kind of depressing.

Dare I ask you to review the last time you were at a restaurant? How would you grade out if someone were judging your connection and presence? (Don’t ask me to grade myself. I’m writing this. I’m excused.)

In Day 2 of the Ziglar Family Challenge, you’ll be hearing from Michael and Gail Hyatt. Michael is one of the foremost experts on communication in our digital world.

He’s the author of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller and consistently has more than one million page views per month through his blog at

Michael’s work, as he’d be the first to tell you, is not the most important thing in his life. That position belongs to his family. He’s been happily married for 38 years to his wife, Gail. They have five daughters, four sons-in-law, and eight grandchildren, so they know more than a little about family communication!

Today they will share with you the one rule they implemented at mealtime that had a profound effect on the way their family connected with each other. And it’s so simple, you can make the same change today!

I listed out a bunch of things I learned from this video, but I’ll leave it at this: The one mealtime rule they discuss is amazing in its simplicity yet powerful in its potential to retrain us to use meal time as an opportunity for connection and not just a quick pit stop.

Click below to hear Challenge number 2 from the Hyatts — you’re going to love what they have to say!

And don’t miss the rest of the 7-Day Challenge from Ziglar Family; there’s much more still to come this week!



PS – Just one simple rule implemented at dinner could have a huge impact on how well your family communicates. Check out what the Hyatt’s are sharing today!

Did you miss Day 1? Click here to access the first video and find out more about the Ziglar Family Challenge and the upcoming introduction of the Thrive online community.

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