A Simple Health Plan Should Be Intuitive

What does intuition have to do with your health, diet, and fitness plan?

In my humble but accurate, non-medical, check with your doctor first opinion, intuition has everything to do with the eating and exercise plan you cobble together for yourself.

Here’s how my mushy principle of intuition looks:

You know what works for you. You know when you’re stretching yourself or giving yourself a pass.

Your plan must be intuitive and honest. Be honest with yourself if your plan is working or will work or is sustainable. Be honest if you need to push yourself or let off the gas.

Your plan is your plan. You know you. Do the thing that works for you.

Your intuition will tell you if you’re being a lazy bum or if you’re working yourself too hard.

Using myself as an example, I know that when I eat a paleo-based diet (preferably modeled around Whole 30 rules, including no rice, legumes, and soy) I have more energy, fewer gut issues, and sleep better. I’ll obviously take any doctor-related information into consideration if any tests show too dang much egg yolk in my blood, but for now, my intuition is telling me that I should stick to this plan as well as possible.

Further, I know that when I’m weight training, my body is more efficient. I’m glad I’m walking all of the time, but I know that strength training is vital for me. I’m not listening to my intuition in this area at the time I’m writing this post. Just being honest.

How Can Your Intuition Guide You?

Your intuition guides you in two ways:

  1. Intuition uses your past experience to tell remind you what works for you.
  2. Intuition uses your present experience in your own body to tell you when you’re being too lazy, going too hard, or engaging your food and exercise just right.

Frankly, we often know we can handle more. And we should listen to that inner high school football coach that is calling us out on our temptation toward laziness.

I do realize this all sounds flaky.

But I nearly guarantee you that if you gave yourself a 5 minute sit-down talkin’ to (as we say down here in the south), you’d be able to coach yourself up as to what exercise you should do and how you should eat. You’d at least know where to start looking and who to ask.

There you have it… the 5th principle of a Simple Health Plan.

Here are the others:

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And A Simple Health Plan Should Use Intuition


What say you? What helps stick to your diet, eating, and exercise plan?

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