A simple 5 minute exercise to get clear on your priorities

If I’m correct and lack of clarity is one of the biggest contributors to overwhelm, then perhaps it’d be helpful to talk a bit about getting clear on your priorities.

I’ll keep this super short and simple.  If you read through this and take 5 minutes out of your day, you can be well on your way to be clearer than most folks around you on what your true priorities are.

First, recognize that priorities come in three buckets. :

  1. Sustaining priorities
  2. Relational priorities
  3. Vocational priorities

Sustaining priorities

These are the priorities that keep us healthy. You must tend to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  Otherwise, you’re no good for anybody. Be clear and committed to improving your health in all areas.

Relational priorities

These priorities might be what immediately jump to mind when someone like me preaches such things. Your marriage. Your kids. Your friends. Your parents. Your work relationships. Take some time to be clear on who deserves your time and energy.

Vocational priorities

These priorities give us a way to live out our calling and allow us to support ourselves financially. They also give us an opportunity to explore our passions. These include both our careers and our callings. Sometimes those are the same thing. Sometimes, not.

The Exercise

Take 5 minutes and write down three items for each of these buckets.

Many of us will have similar lists, but if you actually write these things down you’ll be ahead of most folks wandering around out there on planet earth. Even if you want to go back and edit later, you’re allowing your brain to begin sifting through decisions and commitments

This stuff isn’t groundbreaking.  You probably won’t have a Eureka moment and discover that you, in fact, prioritize  your role as a parent.

But when you write it down.  When you commit it to paper. You start the ever-so-important process of self-accountability.  It’s a small thing. It’s a simple thing. But I think it’s a very helpful thing.

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