A failure to plan kills consistency

Increase consistency with a simple plan
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Let’s talk Consistency Killer #2 this morning – the Failure to Have a Simple Plan.

When I get up in the morning, I’m sunk before I even get started if I’ve not done this one thing before I go to bed the night before.

It’s simple, really, and it’s the key for me to make sure I stick to practices that I know serve me and my family in the long run.

Here it is. It’s a game-changer, and some of you do it as a matter of habit without having to think of it. I wish I were you.

Okay… I won’t make you wait…

  1. Lay out my workout clothes.
  2. Lay out my Bible and journal
  3. Open up one window on my computer where I can sit down and spend the short 15-20 minutes of time I’ll have to write a blog post.

This mind-shifting practice is to have a plan the night before and set things up so I can easily dive into my plan.

Consistency Killer #2 is that we do not have a simple plan for what we’re going to do.  If I wake up in the morning without my stuff laid out, I default to bad habits like wandering around aimlessly because it’s 5am and I’m tired. Or I check email and social media while I wander around aimlessly.

All the sudden? It’s too dang late.  It’s 5:45 and I need to get ready for work.

If you struggle with this consistency killer, you’ll know it.

Signs that the Lack of a Plan is One of Your Consistency Killers

It might look like one of these scenes:

  • You show up at the gym to workout, but you don’t know if you should do cardio or weights. And if weights, should you do legs or shoulders or back? You piddle around for 20 minutes before starting anything and then you feel like your efforts tended toward the ‘meh’.
  • You sit down to read the Bible, but you’re not sure if you should start in Genesis or Matthew or read back through Ephesians again. You open the book, point at a verse, read a couple, shut it down and wonder why Scripture just doesn’t do it for you.
  • Maybe it’s work. You’re in sales. You know you need to fill the pipeline, so you schedule 1 hour for prospecting. The time comes on your calendar, and you realize you’re not sure who to call or email or what you’d even say.
  • Or you want to eat a certain diet plan, but all you have around the house isnot at all what fits into that eating plan.
  • Fill in this bullet point with whatever your struggle is:

While there might be any number of other self-sabotaging consistency killers at work, these problems are all fixed by developing a simple plan.

A Plan Doesn’t Have to Perfect  (or even good) – You just need to remove friction.

The plan doesn’t have to be perfect – or even good. You just have to have a planbefore your scheduled start time.

  • Lay out your clothes or equipment the night before.
  • Decide on a book of the Bible and just read a chapter a day.
  • Pick a day for cardio, a day for legs, a day for upper body, and three exercises to start you off each workout.

It doesn’t take much. Just know what you want to do, and remove as much friction as you can so you can do the thing you want to do.

Any other suggestions that work for you? If so, hit reply to this email and let me know!

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