7 Lessons from the Week

An attempt to start a weekly roundup column for this little speck of the Internet.

This week consisted of a short business trip to Dallas, two hectic days back in my office, and a family day at soccer and planting annuals in the yard.

A few resulting lessons …

1.  A simple behavior filter: Does this thing I’m about to say or do build folks up or tear them down? (Inspired by reading 1 Corinthians 12-14)

2.  A great question: What is my single most important priority right now? (Inspired by reading The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni)

3.  A great follow up question: What will I do today to work on that priority?

4.  A bad habit: The “Fundamental Attribution Error”–The tendency to attribute someone’s screw-ups to their intentions or personality defects while excusing our own as being caused by environmental factors. Example: You were late because you don’t care or are irresponsible. I was late because the traffic was bad and people were bugging me at the office. (Source Mr. Lencioni again and an Andy Stanley Leadership podcast)

5.  A fun thing for a Saturday: Plant flowers with your wife and/or kids. Or do it by yourself. Relaxing while getting a little exercise. And pretty cheap.

6. A parenting thought: Firm, consistent messages combined with quick follow through just might help assuage some 6 and under tantrums and such.

7. Another parenting thought: The egg timer–use it to make a game for your kids around rituals that tend to take them a lot of time, ie getting dressed in the morning, brushing teeth at night, picking up toys, homework. (Both parenting thoughts from my men’s group study and conversation from Chip Ingram’s “House or Home, parenting edition)

What did you learn this week? Drop it in the comments…

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