3 Weekend Practices to Take New Ground in Your Life

Have you ever gotten to the end of a weekend and thought to yourself, “I just wasted two ‘free’ days.”

Either you ate too much or drank too much or spent too much time catching up on Netflix or watching football. Or whatever.

You know that on Monday morning, you’ll be about 5 lbs heavier, $300 more in debt, and no closer to your spouse or kids than you were on Friday.

As I often do, let me preface this by saying that I am sometimes in the same boat. But I know if I include minimum of these three practices during my weekend, I know I’ll at least maintain, if not gain ground in at minimum one area of my life.


My wife has always been amazing at this. Every Saturday morning, she’s up and out for a 30-45 minute walk. It just starts her weekend well. Gets her blood flowing. Puts her in a good mood (usually – unless I like left my shoes somewhere I shouldn’t have when she gets back).

Since I’ve been on my recent weight loss and ‘get fit’ journey, it’s been a vital practice for me too. Even when I don’t want to.

I just picture this: I’m making the Brett who would have normally been knee deep in pancakes a much healthier guy. More fit for his family. More energetic. More able to battle disease. More generally confident. Yes. Confident. When I act out of discipline and not motivation, I gain a little bit of confidence.

Be Present

Take time with at least one human that you’re in relationship with. Focused, present time.

Take your spouse on a date.

Take one of your kids to breakfast.

Call your mom and take her shopping or to a movie.

Spend focused, intentional time with someone that doesn’t only include sitting on your own couch.

Invest in Your Faith

Some of you folks might not be of my particular faith background. You might not be a person of faith. I’m a Christian. Not always the best. But I know that part of improving my faith and developing my walk with God is vital for me to be the kind of person I need to be for those around me.

I recommend finding a community of faith to plug into. But barring that, spend some time in prayer, read a quality book that helps develop your faith or general mindset, or take time to reflect on the past week, review goals, and plan for your upcoming week.

Do something that will engage your heart and spirit and reset you on your absolute top priorities.

Meditate on this question: What kind of legacy do I want to leave?

Take New Ground This Weekend

These suggestions might not resonate with you. But the idea of being better on Monday than you were on Friday might grab you a little bit.

Just imagine yourself on Monday and think: What does that version of myself have to do on Saturday and Sunday in order to wake up refreshed, confident, and just a bit happier about who I am than I was on Friday at end of business?

Pick a couple practices and see what happens.

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