Day 7 Starting Well Challenge: Putting Your Goals in their Place

Day 7

(Click here for Day 7 worksheets)

First of all, congratulations if you’ve made it all the way to Day 7 of the Starting Well Challenge.

Part of me is surprised I’ve made it!

Today, we’re going to keep things simple and give a chance for folks to catch up.

On Day 2, we brainstormed goals and outcomes we’d love to see happen in 2014.

On Day 3, we decided on our battle lines – the contexts, roles, and areas of our lives that are truly worth fighting for.

It’s a little more common to decide on the contexts first and then think about goals within those areas of life.  I wanted to reverse it simply because I think we restrict ourselves and think too narrowly if we predetermine the categories within which we need to shove our goals. But we would be getting around to matching the categories and goals…

Today, I’d like you to match the goals and outcomes to the most appropriate battle lines.

If you’re new to this Challenge, then today is a great day to start. Feel free to start from Day 1 and work your way through, but if you’d like to jump in, feel free:

For the newbies who want to jump in, we’ll do it the old-fashioned way:

  1. Draw Your Battle Lines: Pick the contexts, roles, and areas of your life that are worth fighting for. Marriage, your role as a parent, your career, your health, your finances, your personal or spiritual growth.
  2. Create Goals for Each: What do you want to see happen in each? What are some specific achievements or changes you’d hope for?

For those who have been following along:

  1. Write out your battle lines (use the worksheets, your journal, or create a new document in Word or Google Drive).
  2. Match the goals on your list to those battle lines.
  3. Create a new battle line or category, if you find a group of goals that don’t fit or simply toss them into a separate little miscellaneous list. There are no rules here.  I call this list my ‘someday/maybe’ list (from David Allen’s Getting Things Done).
  4. Create a goal or two if you find important battle lines happen to be empty. If you created the category, chances are it’s worth deciding on outcomes

***If your time is limited, focus on the two battle lines you chose for Day 4 (Face the Brutal Facts) and Day 5 (Paint the Picture). If they are priorities, let’s focus there.

Your Action Steps for Today:

  1. List your battle lines
  2. Slot your goals under them.

(Click here for Day 7 worksheets)

Midterm Questions (I’d love for you to drop your thoughts into the comments):

  1. Which post or part of this process has been helpful?
  2. Which has been the most challenging?
  3. What do you hope to get out of this 14 day challenge?

Preview Day 8: We’re going to go one more step in making our goals a bit more effective. We’ll shape them up a bit and give them some teeth.

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If you want to go back and catch up, here is the 2014 Starting Well Resource Page.

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