Day 3 Starting Well Challenge: Draw Your Battle Lines

Photo Credit: zachstern via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: zachstern via Compfight cc

(Download Day Three Worksheet Here)

What is worth fighting for?

Nearly every book or blog post on goal setting or personal growth preaches having a well-balanced set of goals. They encourage us to include between 6-10 areas of life, typically including:

  1. Finances
  2. Health
  3. Family
  4. Social
  5. Career
  6. Personal/Intellectual growth
  7. Spiritual life
  8. Community or charitable involvement

Those areas are all good to consider. We all have social lives and career lives and spiritual lives. We have bodies that need to be healthy.

But I think we need to dig a little deeper. We at least need to consider a different term than ‘area’.

Michael Hyatt and the business and life coaches at Building Champions talk about having specific accounts. Each account represents an important relationship, role, or area of your life. You might have an account for your wife, one for your children, for your health, or your finances.

I like the idea of having an account. An account implies that you have to put something into it in order to get something out of it.

For this 14 day process, though, we’re going to call them Battle Lines. Our roles and contexts need to be things that we can be passionate about.

We might still include ‘health’, but let’s not call it an ‘area’. Why not be a little aggressive and treat the important things in our lives as things worth fighting for.

How To Determine Your Battle Lines

Since it’s Saturday and you want to enjoy the day, I’m keeping things simple.

The list above gives a pretty good guideline as to what your battle lines might be, although they are a tad generic.

Today’s Action Step (10-15 minutes):

Draw Your Battle Lines

Here are some suggestions on determining what your battle lines might be this year:

  • Relationships: What are the important relationships in your life? Do any of them demand to be something worth fighting for this year?
  • Roles: What roles do you play? Are you an employee? A business owner? A volunteer leader? A mom? A spouse? A student?
  • Your Growth: Are you a person of faith? How’ve you been growing intellectually?
  • Your Health: Do you need to improve your mental health? Your physical health?
  • Fun: Is there a hobby that refreshes you? Or a passion that you’ve allowed to fade in the background?
  • Your Goal List: Pull out your list from yesterday. Do any patterns emerge

If you have a long list, you might want to pare it down to no more than 10.  The main point here is to be clear on the roles, relationships, and pursuits that are important enough to fight for.

Use the Day 3 Worksheet or your journal to list out your Battle Lines.

Here are mine (if you’re interested): 

  1. My relationship with God
  2. My marriage
  3. My role as a parent
  4. My physical health
  5. My vocation
  6. My family’s financial health
  7. My personal growth
  8. Writing
  9. Home (I happen to have a ridiculous number of improvement projects that are important).

(Click here for Day 3 Worksheets)

***This should be a quick one for you to do. If you need to catch up, here are the links to the first two days’ posts:

  1. Day 1 – Review 2013
  2. Day 2 – Dream Big. Don’t Edit

Preview of Day 4: On Day 4, we’ll pull out a couple of your key battle lines and assess the current reality – like any good military leader: what is the current terrain?

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